Donate $20 I will do a session reaching out to the person that you choose, either evp, ghostbox, or Echovox R. I will do a 30 min session, and then review it for replies. You can choose to have it public, or I will send it straight to you if you want it to be personal. Just follow this link and provide your email address, I will reach out to you and personally speak with you about it. Nothing in the Paranormal is a guarantee, but I will do my very best to help you reach them for you. I have tried this in the past and got some amazing replies. You can donate via Paypal or through streamlabs

To watch all of the videos I have done on the Shanann Watts Case, everything from CW and NK interview with the police, finding evps embedded in the audio, to the k9 video, the video where the police first showed up speaking with Shanann's Friend, to the sessions I have personally spoke with The spirit of Shanann Watts click the playlist below. There have been some amazing sessions done on this case, I honestly consider Shanann Watts a friend, I know some may think that is weird but we have formed a strong friendship.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Onmv8S1x7_8&list=PLlN1JlHpIy8bJKb8ZlENwwf5tUqvm3cJJ I

want to watch a past live stream where i reached out to loved ones for viewers in chat? https://youtu.be/cZCIKlk1EEo

#EVP #Paranormal #JESUS
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