1901 House | True Ghost Stories

1901 House | True Ghost Stories

Who are the spirits that haunt and torment a family in their 1901 house? Here is a preview of the story. “To help envision things; we live in a two story 1,525 sq ft house. We have two bedrooms upstairs (my wife and I share one and my daughters share one) and both rooms are about an arm’s length from one another. Can touch their doorway and mine at the same time. Sleep on the right side of the bed, which is in front of our doorway. Back when my oldest daughter, who was two at the time, before our youngest was born, slept in her own bed, and would often come into our room at night to sleep with us. She had the same routine of walking in our room to my wife’s side of the bed so that she can pick her up and tuck her in with us. She did these 4-5 nights a week. Daughter at the time had hardly any hair on her head (which is important to note as you will soon understand why) so every night she came in, we would hear the same creaking of the old floor planks, and we would see her little bald head cross the foot of the bed. Well, one night, I had woken up suddenly to the sound of someone walking into our bedroom. Facing my wife and she was sound asleep, so I assumed it was our daughter. Closed my eyes and rolled over to face the doorway. Eyes were closed at this time, and I realized after a few seconds my wife had not moved to lift our daughter up in bed, then suddenly, I just froze, and I suddenly became terrified. It is weird to explain now but at that time, it was the sudden sense of terror and I felt frozen in place. Began to hear someone/something breathing very heavy as if they were angry. Do you know that rapid/heavy breathing you get when you get all riled up and your blood starts to boil, and you breathe through your teeth?”

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