30 East Drive Not HAUNTED? | Where Have All The GHOST'S Gone? | ''PSYCHIC MEDIUM'' Nick Sage Debate

Join Paranormal-X and Proving Demons as we discuss recent events at what is claimed ot be one of Europs most haunted homes, home to the Pontefract poltergeist, The infamous ''Black Monk'' known as ''Fred'', who terrorised the Pritchard family in the 1960's, yes we are talking about the one, and only, 30 East Drive in England.

Recent news across social media, the tabloids, and web, have suggested that ''Psychic Medium'' Nick Sage, has claimed to spiritual cleanse the house, going against contact rules of entry, and all alleged spirits and ghosts in the house are no more.

Nick quoted ''I have gave the house a good mopping up'' on one social media post.

Now the house in question have rumoured to have banned Nick from ever re-entering, due to potential damages, financial loss and bad press to name a few. However, we are sure this will NOT happen. Infact we believe the opposite, that this ''publicity stunt as some say it is, will actually boost the house profile even more!

Should Nick have gone against the rules? Was he right to do what he did? We discuss LIVE, even giving NICK SAGE, the chance to come on LIVE with us, to give his story himself, however, we dont expect him to show up.

Come get involved in the show, LIVE chat and more!

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