3/15/14 - Spirit Box session (Devils Chair) Cassadaga, FL - Superior Paranormal

3/15/14 - Spirit Box session (Devils Chair) Cassadaga, FL - Superior Paranormal

Below are a list of times stating on the video when we received direct responses to our questions from the spirit box. If you believe you hear something different please comment your opinion. This is our first video and session so we are still learning..

1:10 - asked, "Who's follow me?" reply saying, "I am" after repeating what it said another reply comes through and says, "You got it" as if it's stating yes you are right I said "I am"

The location we were sitting in is the Devil's Chair and the two graves in front of the chair are written with the names Thatcher.
1:25 - asked, "What's your name?" reply, "Thatcher"

2:07 - asked, "How old are you?" sounds like, "three" "ten" ??

4:08 - weird music playing through the spirit box

4:48 - asked again, "How old are you?" reply, "tell them"

5:53 - asked, "Are you sad or angry?" replied with either, "no" or "we are" ??

6:25 - asked, "What am I sitting in right now?" reply saying, "Grave" another response at 6:54 saying, "Chair" which both replies are correct

7:57 - asked by A.J, "Who's following me?" reply, "Watch your back" at 8:04

Lindsay says at 8:29 "you asked for it" and a reply came through at 8:33 saying, "you did"

Thank you for watching and listening! Feel free to subscribe.. We will be uploading videos often as we continue to investigate more locations.
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