5 Most Haunted Houses In The World

5 Most Haunted Houses In The World

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Check out these five Houses that are believed to be haunted by ghosts, spirits, demons and poltergeists! Share this video with any one you think may enjoy it :)

Haunted homes are all around us, when a resident or someone who has a connection to the house has passed away there spirit often lives on within the home, some haunted homes appear to have peaceful ghosts that are simply just wondering the premises, but others, much like the exorcist house and the Monte Cristo home in Australia that have been subject to terrible events have much darker entities that seem to bring fear and misfortune to the residents.

The Haunted homes:

Monte Cristo Homestead, Junee, Australia.

Borgvattnet Home, Jämtland County, Northern Sweden.

The WhiteHouse, Washingston DC, USA.

50 Berkley Square, London, UK.

The Exorcist House, St Louis, Missouri, USA.
Ghost Adventures Episode - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qG5yI...

Cool Ghost Fact: In 1991 It was ruled that in america a seller must disclose that a house has a reputation for being haunted when being sold because such a reputation can affect the value of the house.

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