5 Ouija Board Sessions That Went Incredibly Wrong

5 Ouija Board Sessions That Went Incredibly Wrong

Ouija boards go wrong... some claim that they can even summon demons.

The Paranormal Scholar presents a Top list of the creepiest cases of Ouija board sessions ever to have gone wrong. Including disturbing encounters with demonic beings; spooky warnings from beyond the grave; terrifying possessions; and even spirit boards driving people to murder. Thinking of using a Ouija board? After this video, you will be sure to think twice!

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In Mexico in 2014, Alexandra Huerta, a 16-year-old orphan girl, attempted to contact her dead parents on a Ouija board with her brother and cousin. She had taken a drug called Angels Trumpet, which has been used for centuries by shamans to open themselves up to the “Other Side”. After only a few minutes of contacting the spirit world, all three of them started showing signs of demonic possession...


Carol Sue Elvaker sat one night with her daughter Tammy and her two daughters playing with a Ouija board, whilst her son-in-law, Brian, slept peacefully in another room. Soon after they started experimenting, Carol went to Brian’s bed, and stabbed him in the chest...


When Angela Jackson decided to attend a spiritualist meeting, she was surprised when she received a warning from her late father… “You're thinking about using a Ouija board - but don't. No good will come from it.” However, Angela ignored her father’s caution. Soon after, whilst at a house party with her neighbours, she participated in a Ouija board session.

With their fingers placed on top of a whisky glass, they channeled a spirit who immediately spelled out Angela’s name…
… after which it rapidly delivered the frightening message “die bitch” before slamming the door shut.
Angela then asked “who are you?”, to which the glass responded: “I was murdered…just like you are going to be”...


Early in 2015, Margaret Carroll and Katrina Livingstone tried repeatedly to contact their dead dog through a Ouija board.
Their dog had been savagely murdered by Margaret’s husband, who had drowned the defenseless creature and flushed its remains down the drain claiming that supernatural beings, summoned from the Ouija Board, had forced him to do it.

Margaret and Katrina, in their last desperate attempt to contact their beloved pet, were told by the board that they were going to die...


After playing with a Ouija board one night in 2012, an unnamed teenage boy from Weslaco, Texas became obsessed with an idea… that his friend needed to die. One day he was playing with two of his classmates in a wooded area when he pulled out a knife and plunged it deep into his friend’s abdomen...

His only excuse was… “The Ouija Board made me do it.”

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