A Deadly Haunting: Demonic Attacks against family | Paranormal Activity | Paranormal Podcast

This is the Moffitt family's true story of A Deadly Haunting.
Paranormal Witness Deborah Moffitt opens up about the paranormal events, which occurred 25 years ago. It has taken Deborah a long time to reconcile with what happened in her life and the horrible feeling of being taunted by a demonic entity.

Many Paranormal Investigators, and researchers were involved, including Ed and Lorraine Warren. This is the Moffitt family's tale of A Deadly Haunting.

Deborah Moffitt was part of a typical American family, until the caretaker of their ailing grandmother performed an ancient ritual intended for healing but instead unleashing a powerful and terrifying demon – one of the seven Princes of the Devil himself. Their lives would be torn apart as the malevolent entity haunted and tormented them for six years, even following them outside of their home. Dozens of notable light workers came to rid them of this powerful, evil monster but to no avail.
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