A New Kind Of Chain Letter

A New Kind Of Chain Letter

Submission are CLOSED! Congrats to the Winners of the Chain Letter Contest!
Be sure to follow the participants of the winning letter on instagram!!!

As for the story, it is actually inspired a short film which will be posted by Halloween, so keep a lookout for that!!!

DISCLAIMER: If you don't believe in ghosts (or things in the realm of the paranormal) that's cool, but my channel may not be for you. If you mosey on past, hi, bye, have a lovely day!

Rules for this contest are as follows:

The first 10 emails I receive with addresses will be selected to receive a Chain Letter (there may be a bit of delay between my inbox and when I update the first line of this description, so any overlap I apologize for in advance).

Detailed instructions will be listed on each chain letter.

Each person who receives it will write 2 lines of the chain letter story.

Feel free to #paranormalkativity1 (#paranormalkativity2, #paranormalkativity3 and so on for all 10 of the letters) on instagram so that myself, subscribers, and other people who have received the letter can follow along with its progress as it goes!

By MIDNIGHT AUGUST 31st, 2015, all pages of all letters need to be scanned or clearly photographed and sent to paranormalkativity@gmail.com with the subject COMPLETE CHAIN LETTER #_____

I will then review all of the entries received by this date and choose a favorite!

The winning story will be read in a future video and each person involved with the winning video will get their instagram username mentioned as well!

3 people who contributed to the winning letter will be selected to win a prize (prizes will probably be shown in the same video that I read the winning story in).

The winning story will also be posted HERE to be read at any time!

Thanks so much for subscribing to me! It means so much to me! I can't wait to see what you guys help each other create!!!

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I have Draw Something as well (even though it's ancient) in case anyone wants to doodle with me:
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