A Recorded Spirit Session - Reaching Out To Dolores Diane Frothinger (PSB7 Spirit Box Session)

A Recorded Spirit Session - Reaching Out To Dolores Diane Frothinger (PSB7 Spirit Box Session)

On this channel we research the afterlife using today's technology! We research the paranormal. Not everything about the spirit realm is SCARY! There is much love in this universe! Come join our family! People here are open minded, inquisitive, hopeful, and kind. We accept you as you are. We invite you to come hang out with us!

This is a session for the family, reaching out to Diane Frothinger. Diane passed away about 5 years ago, according to her daughter.

This session was a little emotional for me. This was the 5th private session I have ever done reaching out to a loved one directly for someone else. I will be doing it more for others.....

This work is important to me. It is mystifying. It is research. It is wonderful, and amazing, and exhausting and time consuming. It is rewarding and challenging for sure.

Valerie - I conducted this session with the upmost love and respect for your family. Please comment below and validate any information that may mean something to you!

I will continue to strive for better concentration and communication in this field of Instrumental Transcommunication (Otherwise known as ITC)

(There were also a couple EVP'S in this session as well - Voices from thin air )

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PSB7 Spirit box session
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