A Serious Talk About Spirit Communication - Electronic Medium Just a Girl (Life IS Paranormal) PSB7

A Serious Talk About Spirit Communication - Electronic Medium Just a Girl (Life IS Paranormal) PSB7

Welcome everyone! It's me, Judy Robbins

My Website: https://lifeisparanormal.com/ E-mail me anytime from the website! Request a session! Just say "Hi" or check out the cool stuff for sale such as Research Gear, Jewelry, Clothing, Candles and Incense and more!

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I wanted to talk briefly about this research, the good and the evil that seems to creep in....

This is RESEARCH. (Instrumental Transcommunication) I believe I am communicating with spirits from another realm. They tell me they can see me. They know when I'm naked! They tell me what's in my room. They say my name and give me advise.

I normally use a PSB7 Spirit Box or the SCD2 app with my portal to conduct my sessions. I will have a video put up very soon on how to make your own portal if you're interested....

What I do is called ITC (Instrumental Trans Communication) NOTHING on this channel is ever faked or made up. No, I don't go creeping around abandoned buildings and such....I believe spirits are everywhere. I believe I can speak with those same spirits here at home...although I understand it makes for good video's....

I am not a professional photographer. I am technically challenged when it comes to making and putting together video's....not to mention I hate seeing myself on camera...especially the older I get lol (However, I no longer fear death...)

But that's the object of life right...to love and be loved and to try to make it to a ripe old age???? (Doesn't mean it's easy....)

I will be conducting many more sessions here in 2019. I will be reaching out to other paranormal investigators that have crossed over. I will be reaching out to famous people that died long ago, like Thomas Edison, and Abraham Lincoln just to name a few.

People have been asking me about the equipment they should purchase to start out with. I would suggest, it's just my opinion, starting with the Psb7 Spirit Box.

Buy Here: https://www.GhostStop.com/?Click=66141 (Go to the search box and type in PSB7)

I found one here online cheaper than I paid for the one I have! It's under $70.00! (Prices subject to change as demand increases...) That's a super great price and comes with a little speaker!

Please reach out to me if you get one...I'm super interested in YOUR results!!!
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