A True Chilling Story | Demonic Paranormal Activity, Satanism, Witchcraft and Exorcism

A True Chilling Story | Demonic Paranormal Activity, Satanism, Witchcraft and Exorcism

True Chilling Story of Paranormal Activity, Demonic encounters, Exorcism of Demons, Satanism, Witchcraft. Terrifying true stories, true life encounters, experiences of spiritual warfare, demonic torment and oppression living in 2 haunted houses. Patrick Meechan, author of 220 5th Street and Nightmare in Holmes County.
Author Patrick Meechan is a survivor of two consecutive, yet unrelated haunted houses. Through his experiences he learned how to engage in spiritual warfare according to the Bible. He shares his knowledge in his books (Published by Crown of Thorns Publishing) and also on his blogtalk radio program the Patrick Meechan Program on KAPOW RADIO. Patrick also ministers deliverance and has performed numerous exorcisms.
This is a true and absolute tale of terror about someone’s life from beginning to end.
Patrick Meechan is an ordinary guy, with no such an ordinary life. He tells his tale of unfathomable horror from a different perspective. One rarely touched in this genre. It’s from the eyes of a man bound to God as a born again Christian. A man who thinks all hauntings whether a home a person, can only be caused by one thing: Satan and his fallen angels. ‘These are not ghosts or spirits, dearly departed loved ones or those with unfinished business. They are all demons and Christians have authority over them, and if demons have a legal right to be there, they won’t leave until that right is broken.’ This idea can offer comfort when reading, but it causes greater fear of what does actually go bump in the night. After he moves into a new home, demonic activity immediately ensues. Patrick’s research into this house’s history is highly commendable, as is his commitment to drive out such pure evil. He is in for a long hard road however. With a suicide, a murder, and many complaints of persons falling into demonic possession, he does everything humanly possible to protect his family and those who have lived in the home before him, as they still suffer greatly from ever having been there. One woman is even compared to Anneliese Michel: The real woman from the movie ‘The Exorcism of Emily Rose.’ She has all the same demonic symptoms, and close to falling into the same tragedy. This guy DOES NOT mess around when it comes to putting up a fight for his life against pure evil that resides in every crevice of every brick. Believe what you will religiously or even about the paranormal, but this guy’s side is the one to be on.

Web Site : http://www.patrickmeechan.com/

Host ~ Norene Sampiere Balovich
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