ABANDONED honeymoon resort (Penn Hills)

ABANDONED honeymoon resort (Penn Hills)

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Penn Hills Resort was a honeymoon resort located in community of Analomink, in Stroud Township, Monroe County, Pennsylvania, in the Pocono Mountains region near the Borough of East Stroudsburg. Founded as a tavern in 1944, it expanded to over a hundred rooms before closing in 2009.

Penn Hills Resort, bubble bath, circa 1970's

View of the Penn Hills Resort pool, shaped like a wedding bell, suffering neglect after the resort was abandoned. August, 2012
The 500 acre resort grew in the 1960s to include a ski resort and a golf course. Guest villas featured floor-to-ceiling carpeting, round beds, and heart-shaped bathtubs.nDistinctive, modernist streetlights from the 1964 World's Fair were installed, as well as an ice rink and a wedding bell shaped outdoor swimming pool.

Billed as a "Paradise of Pocono Pleasure" and a place of "unbridled passion", the resort catered to Swinging, young couples who enjoyed archery and tennis and danced at modestly lavish New Year's Eve parties where the motto was "No balloon goes unpopped.

In 2009, Penn Hills co-founder Frances Paolillo died at the age of 102. The resort closed less than two months later. Workers' final paychecks were never issued, and the resort owed the county over $1 million in back taxes. Already in serious disrepair, flooding and copper thieves damaged the buildings further, and the resort was abandoned.

Monroe County has tried auctioning the property to pay off some of the taxes, but as of 2012 it remains unsold.
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