Aliens, UFO's & Beyond With Your Host Christina George & Special Guest Lord Rick - Jan. 8th 2014

We invite you catch this terrific rebroadcast from Jan. 8th 2014 with your Host: Christina George Co-Host: Rene Chavez and Special Guest: Lord Rick Rowe which is a loaded two hour UFO thriller about mass UFO sightings in 2013, Area 51, Conspiracy, Strange Disappearances, Human Experimentation, and Vanishing's of people. Also discussions about MIB, UAV's, Hoaxes, Government Coverups, Alien abductions and invasions! Also discussions about alien technology and astrobiology to these beings that are visiting planet Earth. Including other topics about Bigfoot being an alien pet, underground alien tunnels and some of Lord Rick's most major UFO cases particularly about the mass sightings between Dec. 2013 going intto January of 2014 in rural Nevada including the objects seen in the skies on this latest New Years Eve all over the United States. This episode is like a paranormal ride so hold onto your seats right to the very end where will you be when CONTACT is made? BELIEVE!!!!!

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