Alpine Cemetery Part 1 "Tour At Nightfall"

Alpine Cemetery Part 1 "Tour At Nightfall"

Lengthy clip of this historic cemetery which sits along the edge of the high desert and the sierra. This is our second investigation here the team has just arrived and it didn't take long for us to get down to business. As the investigation progresses in this series your going to see some really awesome activity as we communicate with the dearly departed. This cemetery dates back to the 1800s many of the internments here are from the Washoe tribe but not all. Its a very quiet place and yes the spirits do talk here.

Please take the time to hear our interview about racism, hatred and threats we have received from the Washoe tribe. We have done nothing wrong but visited to honor the interments, teach others about the supernatural, culture and restoration at: below is a disclaimer in regards to the cemetery please respect it!

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