AMAZING PARANORMAL EVIDENCE of what happens when you cross to the Spirit World Pub PAE 34
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AMAZING PARANORMAL EVIDENCE of what happens when you cross to the Spirit World Pub PAE 34

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We were called after hours, to a South Wales Pub, after reports of ongoing Paranormal activity. Reports of strange noises, apparitions, orbs caught on camera, things moving of their own accord have been documented.
They have asked that we not reveal the location on Camera, so we ask you also, if you recognise anyone, or the location, not to disclose this information. The investigation started at around midnight, and what an investigation it was.
I am Richard from Paranormal Now, and episodes of this investigation will be uploaded to this channel on a Friday. Please be sure to like, share and subscribe to this channel if you find this content interesting. We upload videos every week so please enable notifications so you never miss a video.
Join us as we explore this location steeped in history, as we attempt to uncover, just what spirits were haunting this place and what they have to say.
Just minutes after entering the premises, the spirits of this location had already began to make an impact. Both myself and Jared already getting some impressions of the characters that haunt this place. One of which appeared to be called William, the other a little girl.
Jared found himself overcome by an unseen force, and although the cellar of this establishment was noisy we distinctly picked up 2 evps.
Next we attempted some experiments to see if we could get to the bottom of just who was causing the activity.

Our session revealed multiple spirits in the building, some, desperately in need of help, others, very abusive. This sometimes will happen from time to time, just as some human relationships can be abusive in nature, the same can be true for those who find themselves trapped in a certain location, feeling that the energy of the more dominant presence blocks them from moving forward.
A good comparison would be to that of a school yard bully, someone who for whatever reason has developed a strong negative personality will find others that they feel are weaker than them, they then seek to control that person, by doing so it gives them energy, safety, or gratification in some way. So if you find that one spirit is traumatised for example because of the nature of their passing, they also become disconnected temporarily, and will remain here on the earth plane rather than crossing over. Waiting for someone to guide them home.
Believe it or not, the negative spirit may also feel that way deep down, however in order to help that person they must want to be helped. This is why it is vital on an investigation to show absolutely no fear of the spirits no matter what happens. People are people, whether in bodily form or spirit form, and will behave the same way.
All spirits eventually will find their way home, and have to face their Karma, face what they have done to others, and what has been done to them it is mealy a question of when.
Notice anything interesting about the responses that came through during the crossing, Jared asked the spirits to look for the energy of God, one of the replies, there isn’t any, is this evidence to the fact we continue to hold our beliefs when in spirit. These beliefs along with our personality hold the essence of who we are, and will evolve, just as they do on the Earth plane. These responses also indicated multiple spirits, multiple people, some ready, others not so much, when we move forward is up to us, it is a choice to go to the light or not. “I now see they will pay for it” is this, the spirit from earlier, feeling distressed and wronged, now seeing that those who wronged them, will have to confront their actions. That whenever something is taken, the balance has to be restored.
“The rules – they go back again” does this then suggest that when you have Karma, when you have wronged another, you have to come back, do it again, until you get it right, until you can move on?
I can see the sun... Wow, what a response, one of the spirits describing what they see when they choose to go over. They then describe a light that built up inside them, surrounding them like a star, a guiding voice said “let go of your guilt” leading them to finally tell us “We can see our home” Are the spirits describing what happens to them as they go through the gateway into the world of spirit? A bright light, like the sun, and light that fills within them, healing the wounds of the past, when the choose to accept it, greeted by loved ones and guides helping to lead them home?
During the crossing, it felt as if some of the spirits chose to go over, but there was still plenty of activity in the building. Why did some of them choose not to go? What was their story, our next experiment would be using a hacked radio, a home made ghost box, what else would we pick up?
“There is something threatening, fog person” could this be a spirit describing a negative presence, find out next week as we continue our investigation. I am Richard for Paranormal Now, thank you for joining us, and I will see you soon.

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