Angel Island California - The Ellis Island Of The West With Lord Rick

Angel Island California - The Ellis Island Of The West With Lord Rick

Nearly 500 years ago the Miwok Tribe had a fishing and hunting village on the island. When the Spanish had arrived they not only named this island but also Ayala Cove. This cove eventually was home to a quarantine station which would detain any immigrants who may have carried a disease or illness. The first military fort established here was Camp Reynolds during the civil war as tension had risen it was necessary to defend against southern sympathizers and even Indian tribes which were hostile to many of the pioneers who settled in the region.

In the later 1800's Angel Island became the Ellis Island of the West as an influx of immigrants came from places like Japan and China. They were often detained then eventually processed so that they could lead prosperous lives in America and some were not treated right. Around the same time the Army established Fort McDowell naming the entire island McDowell which boasted a general store, 1,600 man barracks, bowling alley, post office, restaurant, baseball diamond, basketball court, mess hall, prison, hospital and many other buildings including officers homes for their families.

For years soldiers were recruited and discharged here at one of the finest military outposts in the country particularly during WWI and WWII. Today many of the buildings, cottages, homes and outbuildings have been demolished or remain in the state of decay abandoned. In this compiled clip ill take my viewers on a journey starting at the Wharf of San Francisco all the way via ferry to where will dock at hospital cove. Due to our time constraints I was only able to focus on the Quarantine Station, Immigration Station, North Garrison and eventually Fort McDowell.

We will explore an abandoned hospital and give our viewers a general tour of the island. Unfortunately due to winter hours I only had a few hours to travel a few miles and explore what I could so we definitely will return so we can visit Camp Reynolds, Batteries and the Old Red Hospital on our second trip. This is a very rich cultural site which is relevant to America's history thus it is not only important that you watch our video so you can learn more about the island itself but check out this addition on our website at towards the end of our video there is a wonderful gallery with photos and music!

Angel Island is a place of history, tragedy, nature, love, loss and culture. Today it is a state park and resides very close to Alcatraz Island perhaps it is even one of the most haunted islands in the country as some people came to Angel Island and never really left!
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