Are Demons Real? | True Story Of Demonic Hauntings

Are Demons Real? | True Story Of Demonic Hauntings

Are demons real?
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Are demons real? Do we need to fear or be aware of their presence in our lives? If there are demons, wouldn’t it also make sense that there would be angels to counter balance the evil that demons bring? These are all questions that we ask when contemplating the existence of good and evil in our world?
Sometimes its easier to accept that a person can not possess such ill intent, but rather a darker force is at place controlling such decisions. It all comes back to the question of existence and power that they have. So the question remains, are demons real? On todays episode we hear stories about both good and back. Angels and Demons at work in the lives of the living.

On todays episode:
A lifetime of ghostly encounters transitions from demonic to angelic.

Who or what is lurking in the cabin next door?

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