Beyond Belief Fact or Fiction S01E05 Needle Point, Toy to the Rescue, Mystery Lock, The House on..

Beyond Belief Fact or Fiction S01E05 Needle Point, Toy to the Rescue, Mystery Lock, The House on..

"All Credit Goes to Author"

Segment 1: "Needle Point" - A woman works for a terrible boss who can barely remember her name. In her spare time, she makes dolls and sells them to people to make extra money. One day, her boss get really frustrated with her, she makes a voodoo doll of the boss and at that same time, the boss is feeling pain in his arm.

Segment 2: "Toy To The Rescue" - A little boy loved his teddy bear, so much that he had a special bond with the bear. However, the boy has health problems and collapses very often. The older sister discovers that after she gets home from school, the babysitter of the house rushes her to go to the hospital where the boy is sitting in a bed, a few hours later, the boy dies. Later that night, the sister suddenly finds "Super bear" (the teddy that the boys played with) and is desperate to go back to the hospital. Just in time, the sister finds her brothers body about to be put into a morgue. She unzips the bag that the boy is in and puts Super Bear on his shoulder for him to rest in peace, but what the sister got was even better, her brother came back alive thanks to the spirit of the bear!

Segment 3: "Mystery Lock" - Aunt Connie loves to have her grandson come over to her apartment. She has lived in there for 40 years and was a peaceful town until gangs took over. The boy, for some reason, sticks a small bag containing something under Aunt Connie's sofa. The same day, Aunt Connie gets a lock installed and the installer tells her that no body can break into these locks, its basically impossible. One day, Aunt Connie gets a visitor, only to try and rob her, for some strange reason, she can't open the lock. The robber leaves and later the police show up to her door, another strange thing is that the lock finally opened. Another person is trying to rob Connie and again the lock wont open. One day, the grandson calls Aunt Connie that he's coming to visit when he;s being threatened by a suspected killer. The grandson wants to go in but Connie can't open the door, she later realizes that the lock was keeping her safe, but she thinks that her son is coming after her.

Segment 4: "The House on Baker Street" - A teenage girl is hanging out with a boy that her father doesn't trust, then one day, the girl just woke up and she sees that someone was trying to sleep with her and starts to freak out. The marks of the person were there, but no one was in sight. The father thinks that her boyfriend was here. The next day, the father finally blows his mind and forbids the boy from ever seeing the girl ever. Then one day, the mother heard her neighbor that a man lived here and forbid his daughter from seeing another boy as well and the boy tried to burn the house down. Then one night, someone in a black jacket is pouring gasoline all over the home, the same neighbor that told the mother about the spirit calls the police, the police show up and the arsonist reveals his face...or should i say her. The arsonist was the girl, only this time, she was possessed by the spirit of the house.

Segment 5: "The Train" - The year is somewhere in the mid-1800's. An actor is riding a train when a man nearly gets run over, the actor save the man's life. The actor became friends with the man. It turns out, the man the actor saved is the son of President Lincoln. And the actor is the brother of John Wilkes Booth (the man who assassinated Lincoln)!
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