Bizarre Medical Cases That Still Confuse Doctors

Bizarre Medical Cases That Still Confuse Doctors

These bizarre medical cases are insane.


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French Cavalry Soldier From 1766
simonbradfield/Getty Images
X-Ray's of a Wounded Solider
duncan1890/Getty Images
Clean white library interior
Peshkova/Getty Images
Victorian engraving of a Scottish soldier knelt down and praying in front of his comrades; 19th century military life 1881
Cannasue/Getty Images

Clinic worker listening to patient breath with stethoscope, lungs examination
Motortion/Getty Images
Tired overworked doctor in hospital on a Green Screen, Chroma Key
FancyStudio/Getty Images
Hospital emergency team rush a patient on patient bed
rexzillaz/Getty Images
See No Evil
Ranta Images/Getty Images
In the Hospital, Friendly Female Doctor Checks on the Sick Male Patient Lying in Bed. They Have Friendly Chat and Hope for Swift Recovery.
gorodenkoff/Getty Images
Drunken man sleeping on couch dreaming something bad, having hiccups in sleep
Motortion/Getty Images
Frustrated Tense Woman Lying in Bed Screaming in Anger
yourstockbank/Getty Images
Corridor in abandoned psychiactric hospital
Images_By_Kenny/Getty Images
Young woman waking up in bed and snoozing alarm clock on mobile phone
Viktoria Korobova/Getty Images
Male senior patient visiting a doctor at hospital
Stusya/Getty Images
MRI brain scan,magnetic resonance imaging of a brain,
shaman1973i/Getty Images
Worried serious accountant doing financial figures on laptop
stevanovicigor/Getty Images
Diverse partners arguing about document, shouting breaking contract, business fraud
fizkes/Getty Images
New life growing seed time-lapse
mphillips007/Getty Images
Group of people dancing at a concert 4k
Wavebreakmedia/Getty Images
a crowd of people at a concert. drone point of view
Kate_Koreneva/Getty Images
Depressed female executive sitting at desk 4k
Wavebreakmedia/Getty Images
brain scan
utah778/Getty Images
Man drinking water in restaurant
Wavebreakmedia/Getty Images
Unrecognizable Visually impaired person walks in the street
chameleonseye/Getty Images
Silhouette of young witch dancing at field
3sbworld/Getty Images
Beef Burgers Rotating
RockfordMedia/Getty Images
Person scratching at itchy skin on their arms
ipuwadol/Getty Images
Camera pans to old crumbling tombstones in wet marshy cemetery - creepy handheld shot
Joseph Kelly/Getty Images
Neon, Yellow, Green and Blue Paints Floating on Black Background. Creating Pychedelic Mushhroom-Like Shapes.
gorodenkoff/Getty Images
scientist man disappointed about problems experiment in chemical and mathematical equations room
silverkblack/Getty Images
Parasitic nematode disease.
Steven_Molina/Getty Images
Man suffering from chest pain, having heart attack or cramps
stevanovicigor/Getty Images
Man Gone Mad
Ilya2k/Getty Images
Woman Illustrating a Panic Attack by Hard Breathing
aetb/Getty Images
Shar pei puppy with hiccup sitting and looking around
GlobalP/Getty Images
Banjo Fingering
joeygil/Getty Images
Boss dismisses employee
sylwiab/Getty Images
Dad Picking Up His Baby Boy (1962 - Vintage 8mm)
HappyRojo/Getty Images
Female Eye. Blue and multicolored. Regular/white. 2 in 1. Loopable.
nmlfd/Getty Images
Electrocardiogram. Loopable. 3 in 1. Green.
nmlfd/Getty Images
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