Boy born with down syndrome snaps photo of his guardian angel

Boy born with down syndrome snaps photo of his guardian angel

Boy born with down syndrome snaps photo of his guardian angel.

Seven year old Asasher, is believed to be able to communicate and see his his very own guardian angel. His parents of course have prayed and worried about him ever since he was born. It certainly would upset any parent—to know their child is suffering from any type of mental or physical condition. Especially one as significant as down syndrome. One day, Aasher was taking pictures with his mother’s camera out of an airplane window.

It is something that he enjoys and he captured both the afternoon sky and its surroundings. As Kerri was flipping through Aasher’s handy work, she noticed a stand out image which was seen. It appeared to be that of an angel or possible ghost of sorts. This humanoid-like entity, seemed to give young Aasher peace she noticed. It was very comforting for both her, Aasher and the rest of their family. While Kerri shared this rather amazing image on her Facebook profile, she mentioned that she wasn’t shocked or surprised at what she had seen. In the photo, an angelic-like being is seen.

Kerri also said that young Aasher seems to have an unusual perception to his surroundings and people around him. Aasher often flaps his arms around mimicking that of an angel. Aasher has an extraordinary sense of perception his mother said. Aasher picks up on the needs of others around him. Perhaps he has tapped into a part of his brain which other people cannot do yet. Clearly, this photo resembles some sort of humanoid. It is interesting whatever this thing might be.

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