BTWN Paranormal VidCast - w/Steven A. Lachance

BTWN Paranormal VidCast - w/Steven A. Lachance

Beyond The White Noise Paranormal

This Week On BTWN Paranormal VidCast:

We will be joined by Special Guest, Steve Lachance. Steve lived through what some call one of the most violent hauntings in history. In 2012, in an unprecedented move the Roman Catholic Church issued a 156 page report calling his haunting a clear case of demonic infestation, oppression, and possession. The haunting lasted for ten years...

In October 2006, the Discovery Channel premiered its third season of its hit show "A Haunting" with an episode featuring Steven, his family, and friends on the haunting titled "Fear House." The depiction of this shows demonic clown has frightened many and is considered one of televisions most terrifying moments. "Fear House" has been seen by over 26 million people worldwide.

From then on he has released his first book 'The Uninvited' and has appeared on many different TV shows. Steve is also responsible for some of the most high profile cases in the last ten years. He was the first to investigate these locations and is responsible for putting them onto the paranormal map. These locations include, The Union Screaming House, Zombie Road, The Pythian Castle, Enochs Knob, Tri County Truck Stop, The Morse Mill Hotel, and he was the first investigator to be allowed to investigate some of the locations from the famed St. Louis Exorcist case which also included a location that only he has been able to investigate that some call the paranormal Holy Grail.

Plus all the latest news fro the paranormal world with you hosts from the US & UK
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