Burnside Lake - Part 13 "Climbing The Crown"

When you ascend to the summit you will hit the crown which is a composition of very large granite rocks and basalt. The rocks are massive their are crevices you can fall down or areas where you can get stuck at so you have to be careful rock scrambling here. Allot of the rocks are the size of Volkswagens so you have to have upper body strength to pull yourself up to the top. But the views during the climb can be beautiful of sites like Hawkins Peak, Mokelumne Wilderness, Toiyabe National Forest and the Lake behind you. Since its just a crown you have to be careful parts of it have cliffs you want to try to weave between the rocks as you climb up which can provide you with some safety and cover from falling to your death. Standing on this rock was quite a feat even when you start to climb the crown you cannot see the top because many of the rocks are so large or soar straight up.
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