Burnside Lake - Part 18 "Hermits Camp With A Twist"

Jarrod and I were hiking in the forest when we came across some sort of an encampment. More then likely a hermit lived back here we found a dresser falling apart and a bunch of parts collected from various vehicles. There was also a chair, goggles, been cans, knives, old grills and a bunch of rusty parts that the individual may have collected from campers at the lake. I believe once the water starting running low near the meadow nearby that maybe this wildman moved on somewhere. I did not like this area I felt watched like being here was not such a good idea strangely just around the other side of the granite rocks was a tree swing that overlooks the entire meadow and cliffs behind it. The hermit camp and swing set do not correlate together they just both happened to be nice finds in a very hidden area outside Burnside Lakes basin.
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