Burnside Lake - Part 26 "A Dome With A Grand Sized View"

This probably is the second best place to get views of Hawkins Peak and Burnside Lake. I would rather be hiking back here in this dense part of the forest then get to half way up Hawkins and have no shade to rest under. On the dome we had lunch and this is where I had gotten some of our beautiful team shots of the very peak that overshadows the entire area. From this angle you can get an idea of why the possibility of Bigfoot thriving here with the woods being as dense as they are and how this is a very vast expanse. Getting back here is not so easy generally humans are not found in some of the areas we hike at. To see places like this you have to be willing to leave the pavement even the trail. The views from on top are stellar overlooking the lake kind of puts things into perspective for our viewers.
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