Burnside Lake - Part 33 Day 3 "Some Goodmorning Strangeness"

I have to say that I did not rest well nearly all three nights as I heard things near camp. For example the first night I awoke to someone leaving a smoked joint behind. Then the next night I heard something move around our camp and I just listened to it move around. But when I awoke my son Jarrod ran to me said dad I heard banging on the western edge of the lake. I was intrigued to hear more I know that Bigfoot is a creature that will use a rock to bang on a tree as some kind of warming signal to others perhaps in there tribe. When he heard something knocking on the western edge of the lake he responded by banging back. As he told me about it he used the words bipedal said it walked off. I know where it went up by Burnside Summit which also gives you access to a very primitive canyon with many dens, dense forest and its just not an ideal area to hike at therefore it could have went back up over the ridge back into the wilderness. It was early morning may have came to the lake to have a drink or show some curiosity for our camp.
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