Burnside Lake - Part 36 "Bigfoots Outdoor Restroom?"

Up above the base over the cliffs on the Burnside ridge line you began to hit a bunch of hills eventually they become steeper as those will take you up to the crown of Hawkins Peak. The bottom of Hawkins Peak is extremely dense forest same type of terrain thousands of large as well as small granite rocks. Prior to filming this video my dog stopped like a pointer dog and would not move looking into the woods. Personally thought more or less this was a strange find. Let me explain as to why okay? The stool piles were gigantic at least some of them were. There was over 20 piles in this small clearing in the woods and mainly what was in the stool was foliage. Not many mammals in the reason can digest the plant life in the region however a primate like creature has longer intestines therefore it can sustain itself on plant life alone. Its also possible this is just one very hungry large mountain lion either way we probably should not have been in the monsters restroom.
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