Burnside Lake - Part 38 "Traversing The Humboldt Toiyabe Forest"

There is no forest in the country like The Humboldt Toiyabe National forest. Back in 2008 a group of people laughed at the fact that I theorized Bigfoot exist in parts of this forest which are found both in NV and CA. This is such a unique forest in so many aspects the beautiful rock formations and large alpines are exciting here. This is an ancient forest and was for thousands of years to the Washoe people its full of hidden gems. If you pay very close attention in the video besides the camp site we found you can see the foliage is very thick. Some of the plant life that grows here can cut you to shreds the plant life found in this forest is much more intrusive. Back in this region of the forest are a few older mines from the 1800's it also has wolves and from my years of research some really good bigfoot evidence can be found back in here. Not to far from here I found an amazing track in the snow one can see why something cryptid would be found here! Afterall there is thousands of places for something to hide and it could be within a few feet of you
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