Burnside Lake - Part 39 "The Primitive Zone Carson Passes Red Peak Afar"

This area I call the primitive zone its higher up the side of Hawkins Peak but gives off some great views of Red Peak which in my opinion is a really great area we have worked with making major Bigfoot discoveries. When you look at this clip what it tells you is how everything is connected I mean look off at the cliffs when I zoom in. Compared to locations like that I this film shows the might Carson Pass from afar which has some monstrous peaks. But your look at over seven miles away and can clearly see this is a vast expanse. There is plenty of places that are so remote or offbeat its limitless as to where we can go at this point of our investigation. Here is a taste of this beautiful unique forest bordering the nearby is the ElDorado National Forest which is known for its high amount of Sasquatch sightings and evidence. Part of being a good explorer is to go one step further then the next man therefore it increases are chances of finding something strange.
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