Burnside Lake - Part 40 "Life Is Teaming Up Here So Are Old Mining Roads"

At one time their were mining districts near Burnside Lake very little remains but they had camps and each mine was in its own district.The area you see in this video is near those mines not sure what is down some of the old mining roads but many are overgrown or forgotten while some will take you near the top of Hawkins Peak. Imagine the history back here miners had the pleasure of the scenic views while roughing it in the wilderness a harsh one if that. The deeper I had gone to where the mining camps were life was flourishing nature had consumed everything. I had found a butterfly, multiple flowers still alive and the foliage was more healthy. The premises of this clip however is to show you the various food sources to sustain a Bigfoot like creature Where the mines once were berries grow and deer run free.
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