Burnside Lake - Part 41 "A Story About A Dad, His Boy & Their Dog"

We hope that this video inspires others to journey with the people they love our paranormal group is all about family. You can see this is a very serene peaceful road that I traversed with my son Jarrod and Rascal our dog who helps search for Bigfoot with us. We were heading back to camp as this was our final day of expedition two and it felt good just to see the road after trekking through a dense area of forest below Hawkins Peak. This is really what life is about some of you might get the message I am trying to portray in this video others may not. But this is LIFE! When the pavement ends the adventure begins. The forest found along the road is very dense at anytime anything could run out. I guess what I am trying to say is that simplicity is truly being at peace but also about who you have on your side. This video is special to me because at the time I filmed it I was being a dad and a paranormal investigator.
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