Burnside Lake - Part 42 "In Yo Face Bigfoot LOL"

This is a bit of a parody video as a paranormal investigator I try to at times lighten the mood and we have our fair share of bloopers. Prior to firing up the cam Jarrod and I heard something descending down to the road through the forest. Its very hard to remain elusive along this road due to the fallen trees, dried up wood and heavy foliage. All I could think to myself is how something was following us in the woods and the moment we get to the road whatever it was ran right to the edge of the woods as if to tell us to keep out maybe even try to scare us. No less what else can you do but laugh or instead of getting mad get even. But in all do honesty I felt like something was messing around with us my attitude was that if your going to follow us along the road you should just come out. There is also bonus footage of me showing others how to make the crucifix. Nobody says that you cannot have a good time outdoors and use anything around you as a resource waste nothing. Aside from all the sarcasm and laughter honestly ever since I examined the area we found many piles of stool at something had been staying hot on our trail at one time as the situation only intensified. Once we were able to make it onto this road we felt safe like we one who knows what would have happened if we did not make it out of the Sierra Jungle!
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