Burnside Lake - Part 7 "Base Camp Expedition Two"

Dreams really do come true just 11 months ago I did not realize we would be camping on the edge of paradise. This is a perfect locations we have views of a volcanic dome, two summits and behind us is Hawkins Peak. The lake itself is so serene the trout the first night were not jumping but the sunsets in this basin are gorgeous along with a starry night. We had most of camp set up but you have to figure it all in by the time you fix your lanterns, create a fire pit, gather wood, explore the area a little and take out the food for the day you just cannot wait to get out there into the forest and Squatch. In 2013 when I went here there was snow also some strangeness which is why we came out for a second expedition only this time for three straight days of nonstop adventure! I heard earlier while setting up camp some odd vocalizations so I would set my eyes on Burnside Summit where they were coming from a very primitive region of the lakes outer basin.
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