Burnside Lake - Part 9 "Maze Of Dry Creeks"

In the Spring even into summer a meadow such as this is green full of wild flowers and butterflies. In September the summer drought was so terrible the meadows grass is brown while many of the tributaries which could have held fish are now trickling. Jarrod and I would walk through the maze of muddy creeks we never found any strange tracks a few deer here and there. You can see the seclusion here there are cliffs off to the east while south and westward are dense forest. This area was strange I took a break in a section of woods that overlooks Hawkins Peak where I seen a bipedal hairy creature run from a tree on the left tot he right then vanish. These meadows are an ideal location for other predators to hunt for deer. I did see a very large bird swoop down over the tall grass I believe I caught him very briefly in this clip. Wilderness surrounds us on all sides as we push on through this once lush meadow.
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