Carson Hills - Part 13 "The Tranquil Shores Of Mud Lake Scenery Included"

We would stop to have lunch on the lake in the distance we could the high sierras and even a few ducks just enjoying their daily stroll on the lake itself. It is a very tranquil and calm lake volcanic rock was used on the west side of the lake which seems to separate it from the reservoir nearby. I cannot disclose where the lake is but not many people know about this place that is what makes it such a gem and a great place just to take in the same beauty the natives seen for hundreds of years. Of course we cannot fish in it so again I take that back but if the lake did exist hundreds of years ago then I am sure the natives would have utilized it to fish. If not one thing is certain the river nearby has been flowing for thousands of years and it always is teaming with trout which would have been a subsistence for the local tribe that traversed these hills.
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