Chris Fleming Hoffman Farmhouse Gettysburg Pa Civil War Investigation Bearfort Paranormal
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Chris Fleming Hoffman Farmhouse Gettysburg Pa Civil War Investigation Bearfort Paranormal

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Phenomacon, Gettysburg PA April 2014

Phenomacon aka Phenomenology 106 is a yearly paranormal convention, which is held in Gettysburg, PA. Paranormal groups and researchers from all around the world attend this event each year. It's a great opportunity to network with others in the field. The convention is packed with interesting; often thought provoking lectures. Gallery readings and investigations may also be purchased for an additional fee.
This year was very special for us because our good friend, medium and collaborator Steve Lewis came over from Australia to attend the conference with us.

The Hoffman Family Farm, or Hoffman Mansion was a 123-acre dairy farm once owned by the Hoffman family. The Eisenhower Hotel and Conference Center was built on the property just behind where The Hoffman's original barn and farmhouse still stand on Emmitsburg Rd.
The Farm is situated at the East Cavalry Field, the site of mounted combat on July 3.
The estate was also used as a field hospital for the union army during and after Pickett's charge.
Sadly, history also tells us that one of the Hoffman daughters took her own life in the home. She supposedly hung herself amid rumors of her loved ones infidelity.

First and foremost, we hope you can look past the fact that this is a group event. We do not have a controlled environment. You will hear voices in the background, people walking around, etc.
Having said that, what follows here is pretty remarkable.
It was really very interesting for us to watch Chris Fleming and Steve Lewis work together. The gifts they both possess are nothing short of amazing.
Of particular interest is the number of anomalies that constantly seemed to hover around Chis. We even caught one energy that appeared to walk down the stairs and into the area we were all gathered in. I should probably mention that this occurred shortly after noises were heard upstairs even though no one was present.
After a brief EVP session was opened to make our intentions known, Chris shared his very insightful views on ITC communication and its future.
A small group of us decided to go outside at this point, and Steve immediately began to feel quite emotional. You can feel and hear the pain in his voice as if its rather difficult for him to speak. What happens after this was very touching as Chris welcomes a wayward spirit back into the home.
We hope that even a small bit of the emotion we felt can make the jump to the small screen. This is the kind of evidence that is caught when you are collaborating with sensitives and individuals with mediumistic abilities.
As the investigation continued Chris and Steve both sensed the presence of children, or possibly a child and a slightly older guardian. At one point while we were all upstairs; Robert heard a disembodied child's voice from afar and he took chase with Chris and the camera to track it down and make sure no one else was in the house. No one was found. Unfortunately, our equipment did not pick up the voice.

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