Demon Voice "You're Going To Hell" Demonic Ghost EVP Lizzie Borden Video #9
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Demon Voice "You're Going To Hell" Demonic Ghost EVP Lizzie Borden Video #9

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Description -- Demon voice saying "You're Going To Hell" -- Demonic ghost EVP caught on video camera of an evil demon spirit or ghost -- Paranormal activity and real ghost evidence caught on tape at the Lizzie Borden house... Paranormal investigation by ATF Paranormal Investigations -- Mass Most Haunted.

IN THIS VIDEO -- Video #9 from our paranormal investigation of the Lizzie Borden House in Fall River, Massachusetts on August 3rd. The camera is setup in the doorway of the kitchen - facing into the family room... My mother and I are the only people in the house and we are two rooms apart from each other during this video recording... but a voice / evp of a demonic ghost is caught on camera and the evp from the ghost is telling me "You're Going To Hell".







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