Demonic Growl and a Breath caught on Camera at Drakelow Tunnels January 2016

Demonic Growl and a Breath caught on Camera at Drakelow Tunnels January 2016

This week's "Friday ParaVlog" by Indico Paranormal's Sadie.

"Oh my gosh, what can I say? I'm giving a basic description on this Vlog of just a couple of thing's caught on camera during the Saturday 30th January 2016 Paranormal Investigation. On this Vlog, I am showing just two interesting clips from the night. I don't go into detail about everything and everyone's experiences else captured on the night, but all in all, must say we managed to record quite a lot! Recorded to camera were sounds of:

A woman's voice moaning and also the same sounding voice captured in numerous area's of the tunnel...
Undistinguishable voices in various areas which most of us heard...
A clear demonic sounding 'GROWL' (featured on this Vlog)...
A woman's voice again (unclear EVP)...
A woman's scream saying "...get off me..."
A loud breath which is also featured on this Vlog...

and these are without the footage I have of everyone having personal experiences.


It was great watching all the video footage and seeing everyone's experiences. I've put it all into a full length video where you will be able to view very soon along with a few other past investigations which have been filmed, such as The Annison Funeral Parlour and Guy's Cliffe House. Other productions are currently available on the Indico Paranormal YoutTube Channel, but will soon be taken off and moved to another area, as the Indico Channel will now mainly be for small clips and Vlogs....

Gotta say, it has been a lot of fun filming everybody and I can't wait to share the full video's with you all and get onto the next haunted film location shoots:)"

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