Demonic/Negative Spirit Possession LIVE GUEST REAL HAUNTING IN TEXAS
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Demonic/Negative Spirit Possession LIVE GUEST REAL HAUNTING IN TEXAS

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Demonic/Negative Spirit Possession LIVE GUEST REAL HAUNTING IN TEXAS


LIVE GUEST, JENNIFER, comes on live in the last minute sharing of her own personal Haunting. I was contacted this week by mutual paranormal investigator who saw a desperate plee for help on a National Paranormal Website looking for help.

Through that network others can help get people in contact with paranormal teams all over the Country, and this is how it works.

I have been speaking with Jennifer over the last couple of days and this morning we did an in depth house cleansing in her home, because I am 4 hours away from her I could not jump in my truck and go to help TODAY, but something needed to be done immediately to begin the process of protection.

I did have her go through the home while I was on speaker phone doing very specific prayers and I had already had her go to her local Catholic Church to get Holy Water prior to what we did today...

A disturbing photo that was taken told me that this was something very dark and this required immediate help. Jennifer wants to share her story tonight with you and I will interview her and she will tell you about the demons that have followed her for many, many years.

After the death of her Daughter in 2001 Jennifer spiraled out of control. Grief stricken, distraught she took some drastic measures to deal with that loss.. And one night, deep in despair she saw something very dark, with long dreadlocks and an evil face, it hovered over her bed and what followed in the years to come were horrifying.

Seemingly every man that came into her life became violently oppressed, physically abusive and then almost murdered.

Tonight she will share her story and then I will share what steps are being taken to aide her in the home she currently moved into that has it's own dark spirits lurking behind closed doors.

Step one has taken place today, and the need for me to drive to her this weekend if this first thing did not work. But something had to be done right away today. Jennifer wants to be able to aide others by sharing her story and I want to help others by getting out there what we do as Paranormal Investigators and how the true investigator not only diagnosis the problem through a series of in depth questions, but also helps to fix, remove, and give resolution to the family experiencing this sort of terror.

After the interview we will be using the Angel Portal with SCD-1 to try to speak to and get validation from Jennifers Mother who passed away in 2011, and her daughter than passed away in 2001, and we will try to connect with my Angel Guides to see if they can tell us more....

Portal with Ghost boxes to communicate with the other side, asking who has been making things happen in my home this last week. I will also be using the Ouija board at the same time to see if you can hear anything while I am doing the session with the talking board. Now keep in mind, I use talking boards to get messages from my guides, I do not seek to connect with any negative forces.


In this experiment I will see if we can get several sets of numbers and you are free to play them in your own local lotto.

Can Spirits manipulate numbers to give you Winning Lotto? New experiment and Ghost Box and maybe YOU will get winning Lotto Numbers from it.. I will do 12 sets of Lotto number's


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