Deviatus 08: Barry Fitzgerald

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When you think of paranormal investigation across the continents, one show in particular comes to mind.  Ghost Hunters International was a show that I watched at a time in my life where I was trying to make sense of a lot of paranormal experiences of my own.  Our guest today has traveled all across the globe capturing evidence of the paranormal on GHI, and has made guest appearances on Ghost Hunters and Destination Truth.   Barry Fitzgerald joins me on this episode of Deviatus to talk about the Legend Seekers, the Island of the Dead, and other myths, legends, and folklore.  We also discuss some of Barry’s experiences on Ghost Hunters International regarding elemental spirits, Jinn, fairies, demons and exorcism, as well as the Banshee on Destination Truth Live from Ireland.     Important links mentioned in this episode: Twitter @just_barryfitz Barry on Facebook Barry’s website, Ghost Hunter Cruises with Barry The Legend Seekers   Also mentioned on this episode: San Diego Paranormal Eye SDPE Meetup Page Twitter @SDParanormal Instagram @SDParanormal
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