Disturbing EVP from haunted Menger Hotel in San Antonio TX
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Disturbing EVP from haunted Menger Hotel in San Antonio TX

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Last weekend Crystal and myself went to San Antonio to take the "Ghost Tour" that is offered by Alamo City Paranormal around the Alamo. We got to SA a couple hours early because I wanted to take a walk through the Menger Hotel before the tour. I introduced myself to one of the clerks at the front desk and asked if we could take a few pics and some audio recordings, and of course he welcomed us to explore the first floor. We commenced to snapping digital photos and I decided to turn on the digital voice recorder and leave it in my shirt pocket just to see what we might pick up. We didn't find any cold spots, no orbs or smoke in the pictures, or anything else and so I thought maybe the building was just too busy and noisy (being Saturday afternoon) for any paranormal activity to take place. We went into the bar where a supposed apparition of Theodore Roosevelt is often seen, and saw absolutely no sign in over 30 pics. It was getting close to time for the tour, so we left the hotel and decided to come back when we had more time. The tour was pretty interesting, and Martin from Alamo City managed to show us a human-shaped cold spot moving around the Long Barrack at the Alamo on his thermal cam, which was absolutely awesome. About 11:00 we headed back to Lampasas to take a closer look at the footage/pics/audio we had collected. About five minutes into the Menger recording, I caught the following screams. Crystal and myself were alone in the old lobby of the building, and there was no other sound in the area except the classical music coming over the hotel's sound system. Obviously if a lady had let out this blood-curdling scream in such a nice hotel when it was full of people, someone else would have heard it and there would have been a commotion. My opinion is that the following EVP is genuine, and is a sign of a residual haunting from Sallie White who was shot right outside the hotel by her husband and died inside the hotel. Please feel free to leave a comment and let us know what you think.

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