Doing The Baby Blue, Blue Baby Legend!

Doing The Baby Blue, Blue Baby Legend!

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What up investigators! Welcome to Paranormal America! So today I decided to give the Baby Blue, Blue Baby experiment a shot! Baby blue is an urban legend very similar to Bloody Mary which involves standing in the bathroom with some candles and a mirror oh and for this one y'all need a toilet which I'm pretty sure you all have! Anyways, you have to stare into the mirror while rocking your arms back and forth as if you were rocking a baby to sleep, you must chant "Baby Blue, Blue Baby" thirteen times while rocking! Then apparently you begin to feel weight in your arms, the weight of a baby which is invisible, after the thirteenth chant the Baby Blue's mother is supposed to show up in the mirror and scream "Give me my baby back!"... Then kill you. BUT before she can kill you, you must throw the invisible baby into the toilet (Sounds dumb I know) and flush it to break the curse and survive. Well enjoy the video!

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