ENKI Speaks- Insane Spirit session on the LEAK PROJECT

ENKI Speaks- Insane Spirit session on the LEAK PROJECT

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Enki the Annunaki god is asked for, and comes through the box for Rex of the LEAK PROJECT. Jesus and Mary are also mentioned in what was an Insane session #LeakProject #Enki #RealSpiritCommunication

So this past Sunday, Rex from the LEAK PROJECT asked me to be on his program and use the box and recorder. He wanted to ask for his deceased step father Lance and, Enki, the ancient Annunaki god. Well there were many replies that came through referencing him as well as Jesus and mother Mary. I share what I believe some of the responses mean as it was a very involved and intense session. The original video is on the Leak Project Channel and is about an hour and half, but shows all that goes down as this video is more of a condensed version. Check out the original video here...

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