Evil witch spirit mimics voice during EVP Session. | Scary EVP | Blue Waters | Castle Coch Wales.

This really Creepy EVP is from a Ghost box session performed in 2013 at a location near Castle Coch Wales as part of a paranormal investigation. Where one of the Ghost hunting team shockingly witnessed the spirit of an evil witch that tormented the team throughout the course of the investigation mimic his voice.

The session opens with an explanation into how the device woks as it was the first time that some of the members of the team had ever used the device, including Jared. When the session begins you can hear some minor responses coming through the device but then followed by a voice that sounds very much like his own.

So what is Mimicking?

Mimicking is a way of spirit communication, heard through evp recordings, and experienced by psychics where a spirit uses the voice of another to communicate a message, experiencing the phenomena is by no means a sign of an evil spirit, but it is a sign of a stronger one. We will see in future videos why this particular spirit was evil, as on several occasions she has tried to attack members of the investigation team.

So take a look at this really creepy EVP and decide for yourself whether or not it is evidence of the Paranormal. Is it Paranormal Proof? You decide.

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