Extreme Violent Demonic EVP Threatens Us | Scary Real Paranormal Footage

Extreme Violent Demonic EVP Threatens Us | Scary Real Paranormal Footage

One of the scariest demon videos telling us to get out. A very scary evp video caught on real ghost investigation, so beware might give some nightmares. A very scary evp caught on tape during a real ghost investigation by ghost hunters. If you like evps then you'll love this one. It was not caught on the ghost box or spirit box, it was caught on the dictaphone.

EVP stands for electronic voice phenomenon. EVP are sounds found on electronic recordings which resemble speech, but are not the result of intentional recording or rendering. EVP are commonly found in recordings with static, stray radio transmissions, and background noise. Recordings of EVP are often produced by increasing the gain (i.e. sensitivity) of the recording equipment.

Interest in EVP surrounds claims that they are of paranormal origin, although a number of natural explanations have been offered including apophenia (finding significance in insignificant phenomena), auditory pareidolia (interpreting random sounds as voices in one's own language), equipment artifacts, and hoaxes.

Parapsychologist Konstantin Raudive, who popularized the idea, described EVP as typically brief, usually the length of a word or short phrase.

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What is an evp
EVP - or electronic voice phenomena - is a mysterious event in which human-sounding voices from an unknown source are heard on recording tape, in radio station noise and other electronic media. Most often, EVPs have been captured on audiotape. The mysterious voices are not heard at the time of recording; it is only when the tape is played back that the voices are heard. Sometimes amplification and noise filtering is required to hear the voices. Some EVP is more easily heard and understood than others. And they vary in gender (men and women), age (women and children), tone and emotion. They usually speak in single-words, phrases and short sentences. Sometimes they are just grunts, groans, growling and other vocal noises. EVP has been recorded speaking in various languages.


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This is the evp we captured on our episode 47 at St George Church in Dorchester, England.

We heard from locals that they believe the cemetery could be possibly haunted, so we thought because we was investigating in the area such as Dorset County Museum, but when we started to investigate the cemetery in hope to capture paranormal activity, we heard a big bang, a bang that we captured. We rushed to the back of the Church thinking someone might be breaking into the Church, but to our shock, the Church door was open, but there was no one there to open the door. We investigated inside the Church Hall, and this is the evp we captured on our Dictaphone. We wasn't inside the Church Hall at the time as we started to investigate the cemetery.
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