Finding some Family History in a Old Tennessee Cemetery...

Finding some Family History in a Old Tennessee Cemetery...

Brenna and I went on a journey to find some information from the spirit world about her family history! Their was a lot of things said,and some did not add up! We are still trying to find some answers. I am so glad we could take you with us on this Journey. And we are hoping you can help us. If you Hear anything I missed or something was heard differently, pleaswe leave a comment with a time stamp. We are trying real hard to find some information on her long ago live grandmother. Thank you sooo much for wathcing. And if you can, please go show Brennas Channel some love and help her reach her goal. Love and Light and remember to keep it Spookingly Savage!!

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If you are into anything Paranormal,this is the place to be. I do live streams often ranging from, live Spirit Box sessions to in-home investigations. If you aren't apart of the fam,why not join us now. I also do Paranormal Investigations seperate from live streams.

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