First tests with the Huff Paranormal SCD-1. Crystal Clear spirit replies.

First tests with the Huff Paranormal SCD-1. Crystal Clear spirit replies.

I have been using Ghost Boxes, Spirit Boxes and Apps for years to speak to the dead. While we can not have long term sit down conversations with spirits due to the extreme difficulty for them to even remember certain things and the fact that it is very hard for them to push through a word or two, what has been lacking in spirit devices is CLARITY.

I love my Spirit Boxes and have 13 of them. My Andy's Box is amazing and has given me special results. Same with the Mini Box and hack shacks. But they all have one thing in common, STATIC and NOISE that makes it so hard to listen back for replies.

The Joe's Box is the only spirit box I have used that is super clear. But the Joe's Box is VERY rare and will set you back $2000+ if you find one. It is that special but beyond the reach of mere mortals.

I set out to create something special, something that can be just as clear as the Joe's Box but coming in at a MUCH lower price :) 1/40th the cost to be exact.

I teamed up with a guy who knows his stuff, told him what I wanted and needed and he went to work. We both had these ideas over a year ago and we met up and agreed that this would be a special thing.

I knew the name would be the SCD-1 "Spirit Communication Device #1"

So far we are still testing this and will only release when it is ready. What you are about to see here are my 1st four tests with the SCD-1.

What you are about to hear is real. What you are about to hear in NO WAY uses ANY pre recorded sounds or banks or sounds, words, phrases, names, etc. It is 100% random and 100% real time. You will never hear the same thing twice as this is scanning just like any normal ghost box.

The SCD-1 will have varying scan speeds, special filters and effects to enhance the audio and even a 2nd mode that will be very different. All the tests here are using the main mode.

This should be released in Feb 2015 and more details will be shared every week at my Huff Paranormal Facebook Page:

Be sure to stop by and like the page. We are on our way to 100K likes. When it hits 100k I am giving away a very special prize from my collection valued at $1500.

Enjoy these 1st tests with the SCD-1. Soon, ANYONE will be able to purchase one for them selves and use it for spirit communication.

Before release I will have a full video with a tutorial, explanation, how I use it and how I listen back to my recordings. I will also let you know what you MUST do to bring your communication to the same level as me. It's easy, just takes serious dedication.

This SCD-1 is not being released to compete with ANY box or app, but is meant to be yet another tool for your arsenal. I will always use my Andy's Box, My Mini Box, My Echovox app and GB-1 and RIFT app!

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