Flying Humanoids Caught on Tape - Real Video Evidence!
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Flying Humanoids Caught on Tape - Real Video Evidence!

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Real Flying Humanoids Caught on Video Tape!

From cave drawings to handheld video footage, information dating back thousands of years suggest sightings of flying human-like creatures. Since a flying humanoid sighting was caught on tape in the year 2000 a new rash of video evidence has been surfacing, with many recent sightings over North and Central America.

But what are these flying humanoids exactly? Some have suggested that they are alien beings or alien/human hybrids. Others have found these airborne creatures to have a much more sinister side. There have even been reports of these flying humanoids aggressively attacking people. What do YOU think?

In this video you will authentic evidence caught on tape that real flying humanoids may actually exist! No one is quite sure what these mysterious unidentified flying beings/objects may be. Are they humans using some sort of flying machine or jetpack? Are they unknown hybrid creatures that live among us? Aliens? Psychic powers? Or are they simply just party balloons misidentified? Some of this evidence may surprise you!

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