Full Interview at Half Past Dead Paranormal Radio LIVE With Roger Belt & Special Guest:Lord Rick

Full Interview at Half Past Dead Paranormal Radio LIVE With Roger Belt & Special Guest:Lord Rick

We invite you to check out these two special back to back episodes (Full 90 Min. Version) of Half Past Dead Paranormal Radio which took place on May 2nd and 9th 2014. Guest interview is with me Lord Rick and hosted by Roger Belt and Hank Stratton. The first half of the episode covers paranormal cases that The Paranormal & Ghost Society did in April 2014 in the Nevada wilderness and California's majestic high sierras. I talk a bit about my experiences in Dutch Flat, Haunted Mines, Donner Lake Railroad Tunnel, Grantsville NV, Star City and the Showers Lake Bigfoot encounter. I also discuss the dangers of paranormal adventuring, offroading and much more. The second half of the episode talks about the strangeness which surrounds the Carson Hills a place where strange lights and even phantom planes are found. What it means to be a paranormal investigator and your obligations as one. We also talk about Hell Hounds, Sasquatch, Death Defying Adventure and the falsity that paranormal television has had on the paranormal community. I decided to combine both episodes in collaboration with one another so that the viewers will get a nonstop 90 full of minutes of really great paranormal blotter so that everyone could listen to the entire two part series as a whole. We hope you enjoy this friendly little episode full of great blotter of the unexplained!

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Part 1 May 2nd 2014: www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJ3Gghg9sUM
Part 2 May 9th 2014: www.youtube.com/watch?v=REmqQ3X_9AU
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