Ghost Hunting Alone - Episode 9 - We Live Here

Residual haunting and spirits in an abandoned lake house.
Pics & More:
EVP Lesson:
Summary of an overnight recording session in the haunted lake house near Austin, TX. Nearly 800 paranormal events from this night have been initially identified and will be investigated more closely over the coming months.
In this Ghost Hunting Alone series we present a very unique perspective on the nightly interactions between demons and other spirits, and document how they react to the Living intruding upon their home.
Total sum evidence at this location so far include:
- 1,012 EVPs, males, females, kids, talking forward and backward
- 2,000+ Poltergeist wall knocks, floor knocks, and other noises
- 144 Possible EVPs too weak to classify
- A full body apparition & a full demonic face apparition
- Possible full body Spector pointing at the other apparitions
- Disembodied growl from some type of beast
- Psychic winds, tornados, and low frequency rumbling
- Residual Haunting supporting evidence
- Successful Spirit Box session with roll call of spirit names
- Doors opening by themselves
- Four orbs, three outside and one inside
- Low frequency motor hums out of nowhere
- Sudden temperature drop to below freezing
- Spirits repeated private conversations held elsewhere
- Media suddenly erased, batteries drained
- Camera knocked over, infrared light turned off
- Tapping on Zoom recorder microphones
- Tripped me one time, knocked camera out of hand another time
- EVPs often were direct answers to direct questions
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