Ghost Night At The Old House Coalville

Ghost Night At The Old House Coalville

Sorry intro is a bit long the music does end haha.
This night was the most eventful night ever with lots of paranormal activity through out the night!.
We all heard voices groans and screems!
Here are some photos I took along with some evps captured on the night.
The Evp's were captured using a Nokia N8 Mobile Phone and amplified using Adobe Audition.
Everything here is 100% real from the night.

We actually heard most of what i recorded which was amazing.

There are many class a evps that backup things we heard I.E we would ask for something to happen like can you do something to the glass then evp "yes" glass then tings. Also one evp mentions the ouija board thats infront of us.

Best of all in the cellar the spirit spoke and the whole room heard him. This was a first for me to actually hear a ghost without recording equipment and the whole room hear him too!

We had knocks that answered questions, stones thrown, people feeling sick headaches etc.

Thanks for watching.

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Best viewed in 1080 HD with headphones to hear the evps

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